December 2016 MBR Review of My First Trip to Paris

We are very pleased to announce that the December 2016 issue of online book review magazine "Wisconsin Bookwatch" features a review of "My First Trip to Paris".

Here is the review:


My First Trip to Paris
Sara DeGonia, author
Giovanni Simeone, photographer
Sime Books
9788899180539, PB, 240pp

Beautifully and profusely illustrated with the full color photography of Giovanni Simeone, "My First Trip to Paris: A Family's Travel Survival Guide" by Sara DeGonia features informative highlights and helpfully practical advice for visiting more than 100 attractions, restaurants, parks, and playgrounds while touring Paris, France with kids in tow. A thoroughly 'user friendly' and handy guide filled from cover to cover with essential tips and tidbits, as well as metro stops and corresponding websites for logistics of every destination on a dream Parisian vacation (come rain or shine). Along with a metro map, a book of French phrases, and sense of adventure; "My First Trip to Paris" will guarantee a fun-filled journey the whole family will cherish. Simply stated, "My First Trip to Paris" is enthusiastically recommended for personal, family, and community library Travel Guide collections and is ideal for the armchair traveler interested in what an on-site visit to Paris would have to offer.

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